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Teachers in Jamaica Are Taking Instruction to the Next Level

Teachers in Jamaica Are Taking Instruction to the Next Level

After attending introductory workshops this past spring, teachers in Jamaica are now engaged in language and literacy instruction. Educators trained in the Seeing Stars (for Reading and Spelling) and Visualizing and Verbalizing programs (for Language Comprehension and Thinking) are putting their new skills to use at an onsite summer reading clinic for students with special needs.

Lindamood-Bell Instructional Coach, Mary MacDonald, demonstrates a step of the Seeing Stars reading program.

The summer reading clinic provides teachers an opportunity to get onsite professional development as they learn the Lindamood-Bell approach to intervention. Instructional coaches from Lindamood-Bell are preparing teachers to be as effective as possible by demonstrating steps of the programs and coaching teachers throughout the day. Teachers are honing their ability to differentiate instruction. They are also learning how to perform steps of the programs with fidelity and how to write effective lesson plans. Students are learning to read and comprehend to their potential!

After attending introductory workshops, teachers engage in advanced topics like how to differentiate instruction.

Teacher has students write letters on the table with their fingers, a beginning step of the Seeing Stars reading program.

A parent, Mandy Summerbell Melville, initiated the effort based on her experience with the positive results of Lindamood-Bell programs with her own children. The Sandals Foundation facilitated this community effort, which received funding from the CHASE (Culture, Health, Arts, Sports, and Education) Fund. The focus of the Sandals Foundation is ensuring that as many children, youth, and adults as possible have the educational opportunities they need to reach their full potential. Sandals® programs include community scholarships, supported schools, book drives, and literacy programs, as well as support for new libraries and computer facilities. Each year, the Sandals Foundation serves thousands of students in educational facilities throughout the Caribbean community. Gander Publishing and Lindamood-Bell are thrilled to bring the Seeing Stars and Visualizing and Verbalizing programs to Jamaica in an effort to help children reach their full potential.

"I have been told multiple times that students who frequently missed school are now turning up early every day, full of excitement, and eagerly awaiting instruction."

 - Mary MacDonald, Professional Development Consultant


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