LiPS® Manual, Fourth Edition with Flash Drive

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by Patricia C. Lindamood and Phyllis D. Lindamood

The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® (LiPS®) Program manual provides the theory and specific steps to develop phonemic awareness and apply that sensory-cognitive function to reading, spelling, and speech. The included Flash Drive includes extensive dialogues, chains and word lists, frequently asked questions, and audio and video examples.

The manual describes the important questioning techniques that stimulate articulatory feedback for verifying sounds within words. LiPS identifies and classifies speech sounds as related units, labeling the articulatory feedback for application to phoneme sequencing tasks. 

The LiPS manual covers the sequential steps of the program and includes:

  • Labeling consonants and vowels
  • Tracking simple syllables and words
  • Basic spelling and reading
  • Tracking complex syllables and words
  • Tracking multisyllabic words
  • Flash Drive with additional material

  • Also available in the LiPS Kit.

    LiPS® Sample Chapter