Symbol Imagery (SI)

Highly Recommended for Seeing Stars® implementation.

The Symbol Imagery (SI) Test is a standardized, norm-referenced test designed to measure a student's symbol imagery for sounds and letters within words.

Symbol imagery is the ability to create mental imagery for the sounds and letters within words. It develops both phonological and orthographic processing, and it is essential to the development of word attack, word recognition, spelling and accurate, fluent contextual reading. It is ideal for progress monitoring.

The SI Test results show large to very large correlations with measures of:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Word attack
  • Word recognition
  • Spelling
  • Paragraph-reading fluency and comprehension

  • The SI Test Kit includes the following components, all in a sturdy storage box:

  • Examiner's Manual
  • Examiner's Record Booklets (Pack of 25)
  • Letters and Words Cards