Seeing Stars® Teacher's Manual, Second Edition

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The Seeing Stars® Teacher's Manual, Second Edition details the theory and specific steps of the Seeing Stars program. You will learn how to develop students' symbol imagery for phonological and orthographic processing in reading and spelling. Research-validated symbol imagery, a sensory-cognitive, necessary component for reading and spelling, improves word attack, word recognition, spelling, and contextual reading fluency and accuracy.

The revised and expanded second edition provides instructional sequence and steps for Seeing Stars, including instructional summaries and error-handling to make the program easier for teachers and students. It describes the important questioning techniques that stimulate imagery to help students visualize the sounds and letters in words (building and improving their orthographic memory) from simple/complex syllables through the multisyllable level.

The revised and expanded manual includes:

  • Detailed instructional sequence and steps
  • Extended lessons with teacher/student dialogue
  • Increased instructional focus and lessons for establishing high frequency words
  • Detailed, illustrated Step Summaries
  • Increased instruction for multisyllable reading and spelling
  • Instructional focus to facilitate sensory input monitoring, self-correction, and independence
  • Individual, group, and classroom instruction

  • CASE Endorsed.