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New coalition helps meet needs of struggling students affected by pandemic

New coalition helps meet needs of struggling students affected by pandemic

One of the best ways to accelerate student learning is to implement high-impact tutoring programs in school. A new coalition of more than a dozen established tutoring programs launched earlier this month. This new coalition is helping schools nationwide meet the needs of students whose struggles with math and reading worsened during the pandemic. 

Known as ProvenTutoring, the coalition seeks to rapidly scale up evidence-based, high-impact tutoring programs to serve students performing far below grade level in Title 1 schools across the U.S. 

After thorough evaluation of national tutoring programs, Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes was selected to be a coalition member for its instruction in the highly-effective Seeing Stars, Visualizing and Verbalizing, and LiPS programs. 

“If you are concerned about equity in the U.S., ProvenTutoring should matter to you. Lower-income students and students of color have suffered the most from COVID-related school building closures,” said Amanda Nietzel, spokesperson for ProvenTutoring. “Not only do we know that tutoring works, but we know the specific elements that make tutoring programs most effective.” 

ProvenTutoring stands out because each of its members offers highly rigorous programs that have been evaluated in studies and meet the evidence standards of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) at the Strong, Moderate, or Promising levels. 

To help school districts match programs that best fit the needs of their students, the coalition has a website to serve as a one-stop-shop for more information about their highly effective programs.

To learn more about ProvenTutoring and professional development opportunities in the Seeing Stars, Visualizing and Verbalizing, and LiPS programs visit

ProvenTutoring was founded by Robert Slavin and Nancy Madden of Johns Hopkins University as a nonprofit subsidiary of the Success for All Foundation.