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Helping Students in Need

Helping Students in Need

Earlier this year, Gander Publishing customers were able to extend their reach to students in need by having 5% of their purchase amount donated to the Lindamood-Bell Foundation. This marked the second time Gander has partnered with the Foundation through a charitable giving campaign. 

As we emerge from a year that has left many students struggling to hit academic benchmarks, the need is greater than ever. 

"Gander Publishing’s donation will enable the Lindamood-Bell Foundation to continue to make a difference for families in financial need,” said Angelica Benson, Executive Director of the Foundation. “It’s especially important during this time when so many students are vulnerable to learning losses and are performing below their potential. We can offer these students new opportunities for learning in 2021, thanks to continued support and generosity."

The application period for 2021 scholarships is from April 1-30, 2021. Scholarships are open to students of all ages and recipients will be announced in August. 

Last year the Foundation awarded four scholarships across the United States and internationally to students with diverse backgrounds and learning needs. Students like 8-year-old Perla were given an opportunity they would not have had otherwise. 

A Story of Hope: One Scholarship Recipient’s Story

For more information on the Lindamood-Bell Foundation or to apply for a scholarship, visit