V/V® Comprehension Workbooks - Grade 5: Living Planet

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The Visualizing and Verbalizing® Workbooks help students develop concept imagery and language comprehension. The Living Planet workbook features high-imagery stories about the natural world, including animals, plants, and other features of planet Earth. Helpful icons show what area of science curriculum each story fits best.

The set includes three books: A, B, and C. Books A and B contain 20 single paragraph stories and Book C has 24 single and multi-paragraph stories. Each story is followed by questions and activities designed to develop imagery and critical thinking. Passages are written to follow the steps for the V/V program, from the Sentence by Sentence step through Whole Page step.

Workbook activities include:

  • Imagery Questions
  • Picture Summary Exercises
  • Word Summary Prompts
  • Page Summary Prompts
  • Main Idea Exercises
  • Higher Order Thinking Questions
  • Paragraph Writing Prompts

Each book is also available separately. Teachers and parents can use the V/V Workbooks Tracking Chart to track a student's progress through the stories and books. Available in a package to track up to 30 students' progress.