V/V® Comprehension Workbooks - Grade 6: Inspiring Stories

SKU: 1224301

Reading and Content Level: Grade 6

The Visualizing and Verbalizing® Workbooks help students develop concept imagery and language comprehension. The Inspiring Stories workbook features high-imagery stories about people, groups, and animals who make a difference for others. Each story is meant to inspire students to think about how they can help the world.

The set includes three books: A, B, and C. Books A and B contain 20 single paragraph stories and Book C has 24 single and multi-paragraph stories. Each story is followed by questions and activities designed to develop imagery and critical thinking. Passages are written to follow the steps for the V/V program, from the Sentence by Sentence step through Whole Page step.

Workbook activities include:

  • Imagery Questions
  • Picture Summary Exercises
  • Word Summary Prompts
  • Page Summary Prompts
  • Main Idea Exercises
  • Higher Order Thinking Questions
  • Paragraph Writing Prompts

Each book is also available separately. Teachers and parents can use the V/V Workbooks Tracking Chart to track a student's progress through the stories and books. Available in a package to track up to 30 students' progress.