V/V® Comprehension Workbooks - Grade 6

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Visualizing and Verbalizing® Workbooks provide high-imagery stories and activities to reinforce imagery and improve comprehension. Each graded set includes three books: A, B, and C. Books A and B contain 20 single paragraph stories about fascinating people, animals, events, and subjects. Book C has 24 single and multi-paragraph stories. Each story is followed by questions and activities designed to develop imagery and critical thinking. There are two sets of workbooks available in each grade from 2 through 6. The second set follows the same format as the first, and is meant to provide additional stories for V/V® practice.

Workbook activities include:

  • Imagery Questions
  • Picture Summary
  • Word Summary
  • Vocabulary Exercises
  • Main Idea Exercises
  • Paragraph Writing

A complete graded set of 3 includes Book A, B, and C, and each book is also available separately. The V/V Workbooks Tracking Chart, which allows you to track your student's progress through the stories and books, is also available.
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