Test of Phonological Awareness - Second Edition (TOPA-2+)

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  • Ages: 5 through 8
  • Testing Time K: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Early Elementary: 15-30 minutes
  • Administration: Group
  • Norm-referenced

The TOPA-2+, a revision of the popular Test of Phonological Awareness, is a group-administered, Norm-referenced measure of phonological awareness for children ages 5 through 8 years. There are two versions, a Kindergarten version and an Early Elementary version. The test measures young children's ability to isolate individual phonemes in spoken words and understand the relationships between letters and phonemes in English.

  • Revision of the popular Test of Phonological Awareness
  • Provides percentile and various standard scores

Kit includes: Examiner's Manual, 50 Kindergarten and 50 Early Elementary Summary Forms, and 25 Kindergarten and 25 Early Elementary Student Booklets, in a sturdy storage box.

A User qualification code classifies all tests. This test requires QUALIFICATION LEVEL B.

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