Test of Language Development (TOLD I:5)


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  • Ages: 8-0 through 17-11
  • Testing Time: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Administration: Individual
  • Normed

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The TOLD-I:5 assesses spoken language in intermediate-age students. It is well-constructed, reliable, practical, research-based, and theoretically sound. Professionals can use the TOLD-I:5 to (a) identify students who are significantly below their peers in oral language proficiency, (b) determine their specific strengths and weaknesses in oral language skills, (c) document their progress in remedial programs, and (d) measure oral language in research studies.

Subtests and Composites

The TOLD-I:5 has six subtests that measure various aspects of oral language. The results of these subtests can be combined to form composite scores for the major dimensions of language: semantics and grammar; listening, organizing, and speaking; and overall language ability.

Normative Scores

The TOLD-I:5 yields four types of normative scores: age equivalents, percentile ranks, subtest scaled scores, and composite indexes. Percentiles provide the examiner with an index that is easily understood by parents and others with whom the test results are to be shared. Subtest scaled scores are based on a distribution having a mean of 10 and standard deviation of 3. Composite indexes are based on a distribution having a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15. Age equivalents are indexes of relative standing that translate subtest raw scores to what are commonly termed language ages.

Online Scoring

The TOLD-I:5 Online Scoring and Report System (provided as part of the TOLD-I:5 Complete Kit) was designed as a quick, efficient tool for (a) entering test session data; (b) converting subtest item scores or subtest total raw scores into scaled scores; (c) converting sums of scaled scores into composite index scores, percentile ranks, and upper and lower confidence intervals; (d) comparing TOLD-I:5 scores to identify significant intraindividual differences; and (e) obtaining a score summary and narrative report.

Kit includes: Examiner's Manual, Picture Book, and 25 Examiner Record Booklets, in a storage box.

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