Test of Handwriting Skills - Revised (THS-R)


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  • Ages: 6 through 18-11
  • Administration: Individual or Group
  • Normed

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The THS-R is an untimed, clinical assessment of neurosensory integration skills evident in handwriting (both manuscript and cursive) that are often disrupted in students with learning difficulties. The THS-R provides standardized assessment of children’s handwriting ability for both manuscript and cursive styles that can be used with any of the popular handwriting programs (such as Palmer, Zaner-Bloser, D’Nealian). The THS-R is not a classroom assessment of penmanship. Revised edition.

Provides standard scores, scaled scores, percentile ranks, and stanines.

Kit includes: Manual, 15 Cursive Test Booklets, 15 Manuscript Test Booklets, and 30 Individual Record Forms and Training Video.

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Cursive Test Books/Record Forms, pack of 15.


Manuscript Test Books/Record Forms, pack of 15.