Test of Auditory Processing Skills - Fourth Edition (TAPS-4)


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  • Ages: 5-0 to 21
  • Testing Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Administration: Individual
  • Norm-referenced

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The TAPS-4 provides information about language processing and comprehension skills across three intersecting areas: phonological processing, auditory memory and listening comprehension. These areas underpin the development of effective listening and communication skills, and are critical to the development of higher order language skills, including literacy skills. New to this latest release:

  • New subtests along with revisions to subtests from the TAPS-3
  • Fully updated norms
  • An expanded age range
  • TAPS-4 subtests were reorganized into Index and Supplemental subtests, reducing testing burden and increasing flexibility in administration
  • Features audio administration for the subtests in which proper pronunciation of speech sounds is critical, providing a greater degree of standardization and accuracy during the testing process

Kit includes: Manual, 25 Test Booklets, and Administration CD.

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