Seeing Stars® Decoding Workbooks

Students need a LOT of decoding practice to develop fluent word attack and word recognition skills. The Seeing Stars® Decoding Workbooks provide excellent and extensive decoding practice for both classroom and clinical settings.

From simple single syllables to multisyllable, the decoding workbooks provide word attack practice and experience with orthographic patterns.

The workbooks also include Star Words in order to integrate word attack, word recognition, and paragraph reading. The workbooks include:

  • Leveled decoding lists
  • Ordered site word lists
  • Orthographic patterns
  • Spelling practice
  • Leveled contextual reading
  • Common affixes
  • Multisyllable breaking strategies

  • There are six workbooks in the set.

  • Workbook 1: VC/CV
  • Workbook 2: CVC
  • Workbook 3: CCV/VCC/CVCC/CCVC
  • Workbook 4: CCVCC
  • Workbook 5: Two and Three Syllable Words
  • Workbook 6: Three and Four Syllable Words