Seeing Stars® Multisyllable Practice Box

SKU: 1078015

The Seeing Stars® Multisyllable Practice Box develops phonological and orthographic processing for reading and spelling multisyllable words. It teaches basic prefixes and suffixes, multisyllable decoding, and multisyllable imagery.

The Multisyllable Practice Box has 320 multisyllable words from two to five syllables, with 47 basic affixes (15 prefixes and 32 suffixes). These easy-to-use flash cards give students practice breaking and decoding multisyllable words.

  • Two- to five-syllable words
  • Real and nonwords to strengthen phonological awareness and orthographic processing
  • 15 prefixes and 32 suffixes
  • 320 multisyllable words
  • Tabbed dividers help organize cards, track students' progress, and prevent repetition.