Seeing Stars® Bundle - Whole Kit & Kaboodle

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Want to bundle and save? Introducing our new Seeing Stars® collection, including the Seeing Stars Kit, and the companion Seeing Stars Support Kit. You'll have everything you could need for one-to-one, small group, or classroom instruction. The regular Seeing Stars Kit includes all of the materials you need to deliver each step of the program. The Seeing Stars Support Kit includes a wide range of supplemental resources to give students lots of practice with decoding, sight word development, and vocabulary.

The Seeing Stars Kit includes the following components:

The Seeing Stars Support Kit includes the following components:

  • Seeing Stars Teacher's Manual, Second Edition
  • Consonant and Vowel Cards
  • Sounds and Symbols Charts
  • Syllable Boards
  • Syllable Card Set
  • Star Words Cards Box
  • Star Words Lists
  • Student Progress Charts for Syllable Cards & Star Words
  • Prefixes and Suffixes Cards
  • Visual Spelling Charts
  • Progress Monitoring Checklists
  • Colored Felt Sets
  • All Six Decoding Workbooks
  • All Six Catch a Star® Workbooks
  • All Three Easy CVC Workbooks
  • Three Imagine That! Leveled Readers, Levels 2-4
  • Multisyllable Practice Box
  • Four Student Star Words Boxes
  • Five Sets of Colored Squares
  • 100 Magic Stones and Magic Stones Bag
  • 50 Vocabulary Practice Cards
  • 50 Student Response Forms