Scoop Doogan Mysteries Set 1

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These stories explore issues like pollution, politics, runaways, a missing trophy, a creature in the forest, and more.

What better source for adventure than the town newspaper? Reporter Scoop Doogan and copy boy Skip will tackle any story that comes along. Set 1 includes the following books:

  • The Mystery of the Poisoned River
  • Fish are dying; the water is polluted. But who has done it?
  • The Case of the Runaway
  • He's young and he's hiding in Big City. But why? And can he be found?
  • The Creature in the Forest
  • Is it true? Scoop and Skip lay a trap for the 10-foot-tall creature.
  • The Case of the Missing Trophy
  • Big City High School's prize trophy has been stolen. Who did it?
  • The Case of the Smoke Bomber
  • What a sneaky way to ruin a political rally! Scoop and Skip have to stop it.

    Ages 9-16+

    Reading Level: Grade 2