Readiness Skills Series

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These easy-to-use activity pages will help build a strong foundation in these basic but vital readiness skills. Fun hands-on activities feature puzzles, mazes, coloring, cut and paste, tracing, and simple word writing that gets young learners familiar with shapes, colors, numbers, and counting. Students will be practicing fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, and following directions.

  • 24 creative cutting activities
  • Develops fine-motor skills
  • Learning colors, shapes, tracing, and sequencing

Includes the following books:

  • Colors
  • Cutting
  • Shapes
  • Tracing
  • Sequencing
  • Fine-Motor Skills

Grades K-1


Reading words. T-r-a-c-i-n-g words. Writing color words. Then following color directions! With each of the 26 lessons in this unit, students will have oodles of fun exercising their artistic abilities as they develop reading, writing, and thinking skills.

Colors featured and images portrayed run the gamut from making a head of lettuce green, a puff of clouds gray, a bunch of grapes purple, and a flamingo pink!


Snip. Snip! Color, cut, and paste to improve eye-hand coordination. Students will get loads of practice honing their fine motor skills with the 24 creative cutting activities in this book. Whether using a scissors to divide a picture into pieces before pasting it back together or snipping out images of fish to be pasted into a fishbowl, children are sure to have fun while learning.


The perfect way for students to learn about two and three-dimensional shapes. Using creative tracing and writing activities, your students will have a great time as they learn to identify, describe, and create shapes such as the square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, box, cone, ball, and cylinder. For clarity, each shape is presented separately with varied practice pages for reinforcement. Cumulative pages of all shapes are included periodically for review purposes, and a pre/post test is included for assessment.


Students will use pencil and paper - as well as scissors and glue - to complete the 22 creatively illustrated lessons in this unit. Activities include cutting and pasting pieces of a pictures together, connecting the dots to create an image, finishing incomplete drawings, making it through mazes, and tracing shapes. Even young students are sure to improve their fine motor skills.


This 21-lesson book is an outstanding introduction to sequential ordering. With each activity, students are challenged to cut out three or four related pictures and paste them in their logical order. Visual illustrations depict a wide range of activities from a boy feeding his fish and girl diving into a pool, to a young man flying a kite. The final two exercises in this book are creative connect-the-dot drawings that test the sequential ordering of letters and numbers. Fun while learning is sure to be had by all.


Students will get plenty of practice honing their fine motor skills with the 22 creative tracing exercises in this book. Whether tracing zigzag lines through a maze, completing interesting pictures, or outlining letters of the alphabet and words like fish and good, children are sure to have fun while learning.