Motor-Free Visual Perception Test - Fourth Edition (MVPT-4)


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  • Ages: 4-80+
  • Administration: Individual
  • Testing Time: 20-25 minutes
  • Norm-referenced

  • A User qualification code classifies all tests. This test requires QUALIFICATION LEVEL B.

    The MVPT-4 is the most recent revision of the only non-motor visual perceptual assessment that can be used throughout the lifespan. The MVPT-4 provides a quick, reliable, and valid measure of overall visual perceptual ability in children and adults. The MVPT-4 is designed to be used for screening and research purposes by psychologists, occupational therapists, educational specialists, optometrists, and others who may need to determine a person's overall ability to discern and understand visual stimuli.

  • Test Plates contained in easy-to-use easel back book
  • Extremely easy scoring; no basals or ceilings are needed

  • Kit includes: Manual, Test Plates, 25 Recording forms, in a portfolio.

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