Light's Retention Scale - Fifth Edition (LRS-5)


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  • Ages: 6 through 18
  • Testing Time: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Administration: Individual
  • Criterion-referenced

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This new edition of Light's Retention Scale updates a classic tool designed by a school psychologist with more than 30 years in practice. This 5th edition is based on more than 300 research studies on the factors influencing academic achievement and success, and on the impact and effectiveness of school grade retention. These studies are discussed in the Manual, along with a review of the influence of federal and state education legislation on the factors relating to academic progress and retention.

An analysis of the relevant research studies led to formulation of 19 categories representing factors to consider in making the retention decision. They include intellectual skills, number of schools attended, age, English-language status, participation of parents in school-related activities, preschool experience, student's motivation, attendance, emotional disorders, and conduct patterns.

  • New category: Ability to focus and concentrate
  • Principal's Guide included
  • New interpretation guidelines
  • Updated scoring procedure

Kit includes: Manual, 25 English Record Forms, 25 English Parent Guides, and Principal's Guide to Grade Retention and Promotion. Spanish Forms and Guides are also available.

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Pack of 25 English Scoring Forms for Light's Retention Scale - Fifth Edition (LRS-5)