Kindergarten Language Screening Test, Third Edition (KLST-3)

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  • Ages: 4 through 6-11
  • Testing Time: 10 minutes or less
  • Administration: Individual

The Kindergarten Language Screening Test–Third Edition (KLST-3) is a 47-item, standardized, norm-referenced screening test that measures the spoken language ability of children. The screener format allows users to quickly identify children who need further evaluation and instruction and to reliably measure their progress during the year.


New features include

  • New items were added to better assess language skills (e.g., semantics, syntax, and morphology.
  • The spontaneous speech item was replaced with morphological completion items to measure children’s understanding of pronouns, plurals, subject-verb agreement, and past tense verbs.
  • Criteria for correct and incorrect responses were clarified to improve the test’s ability to identify children who need a more in-depth language assessment.
  • All users now have access to the all-new KLST-3 Online Scoring and Report System. This system includes access to an electronic version of the Examiner Record Form and provides a quick, efficient tool for (a) entering test session data; (b) converting total raw scores into index scores; (c) generating age equivalents, percentile ranks, and upper and lower confidence intervals; and (d) obtaining a score summary report. Inclusion of the software eliminates the need to include normative tables in the Examiner’s Manual and ensures accurate calculation of scores.

Kit includes Examiner's Manual, Photo Album Picture Book, 50 Examiner Record Forms, and access to KLST-3 Online Scoring and Report System, all in a sturdy storage box.

Examiner Record Forms are also available separately.

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A pack of 50 Record Books A for the Kindergarten Language Screening Test, Third Edition (KLST-3).