Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR)

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Ages: 4 through 21

Testing Time: 35 minutes for PK; 60 minutes for K-Grade 1; 75 minutes for Grade 2+; 15-20 minutes for Screening Form

Administration: Individual

The FAR is a comprehensive assessment of reading and related processes that will help you determine the examinee's specific subtype of reading impairment and inform decisions about appropriate interventions.
Features and benefits include:

  • Takes a neurodevelopmental approach to reading, which suggests that multiple neural pathways underscore various aspects of the reading process
  • Based on the premise that treatments for reading disorders vary by dyslexic subtype, with four specific subtypes addressed
  • Comprises 15 individual subtests measuring various aspects of vocabulary, phonological awareness, decoding skills, rapid automatic naming, orthographical processing, morphological processing, word memory, reading fluency, and comprehension skills
  • A separate Screening Form permits you to screen for dyslexia and identify the needs of at-risk readers
  • Enables you to conduct an item-level skills and error analysis of the examinee's scores on specific subtests and to take a more in-depth look at reading-related behaviors
Five index scores are generated: Phonological Index, Fluency Index, Comprehension Index, Mixed Index, and FAR Total Index.Offers grade-based norms, age and grade equivalents for subtest scores, and confidence intervals, percentile ranks, z-scores, and normal curve equivalents for index scores. Subtest and index scores are scaled to the familiar IQ metric.


  • FAR Professional Manual, 10 Examiner Record Forms, 10 Examinee Response Forms, Stimulus Books 1-3, set of 3 Scoring Templates, and Storybook.
Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR) - Examinee Response Forms, set of 10
Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR) - Examiner Record Forms, set of 10
The FAR Screening Form is designed to identify children at risk for developmental dyslexia, and it measures the underlying processes of reading.


  • Comprises three subtests: one from the Phonological Index (Phonemic Awareness), one from the Fluency Index (Rapid Automatic Naming), and one from the Comprehension Index (Semantic Concepts)
  • Yields a single composite score that indicates risk for dyslexia
  • Allows you to decide whether the risk of dyslexia or reading disability is high enough to warrant further assessment
  • Ideal for use within an RtI delivery system model