Draw-A-Person Intellectual Ability Test for Children, Adolescents, and Adults (DAP:IQ)


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  • Ages: 4-0 through Adult
  • Testing Time: 10 to 12 minutes
  • Administration: Individual or Group
  • Normed

A User qualification code classifies all tests. This test requires QUALIFICATION LEVEL B.

This flexible assessment is for use by psychologists, school counselors, and professionals working with special-needs populations. It provides a common set of scoring criteria to estimate intellectual ability from a human figure drawing. The validity and utility of this test lie in the scoring system's emphasis of concepts over artistic skill and motor coordination.

Provides a large single collection of normative data that allows reliable, quantitative estimates of intelligence.

Kit includes: Examiner's Manual, 50 Administration/Scoring Forms, and 50 Drawing Forms, in a storage box.

A central principle of professional test use is that individuals should use only those tests for which they have the appropriate training and expertise. For more information on professional testing practices and qualification levels, click here.

Includes 50 Administration/Drawing Forms


Includes 50 Administration/Scoring Forms