Complete Loops and Other Groups

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This kit is a kinesthetic writing system designed to help students with learning disabilities and developmental delays affecting cursive writing. Letters are taught in groups that share common movement patterns. For example, a, d, g, q, and c can be visualized on a clock face, and are called Clock Climbers. Easy-to-remember motor and memory cues help students visualize and verbalize while experiencing the "feel" of the letter.

Most students can learn formations of all lower-case letters in just six weeks. Groups include:

  • Clock Climbers - a, d, g, q, c
  • Kite Strings - i, u, w, t, j, p, r, s, o
  • Loop Group - h, k, b, f, l, e
  • Hills and Valleys - n, m, v, y, x, z

  • After your students have mastered the lower-case letters, introduce them to capital letters. Groups include:

  • Slim 7 Group - P, R, B, H, K
  • Umbrella Tops and Eggs - C, E, A, O, Q
  • High Hills and Deep Valleys - N, M, U, V, Y

  • Grades 2-12