Common Core Mathematics

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Introduce Kindergarten students to a variety of beginning mathematics topics with this Common Core-aligned collection. Early readers will learn about counting, comparing numbers, and more! Each book features vibrant images, colorful photographs, real-life application problems, and more to keep early learners interested.

Titles in this collection include:

  • The Pet Store
  • The Toy Store
  • At the Pond
  • In the Garden
  • At the Playground
  • Fun in the Sun
  • The Snack Shop
  • The Bakery
  • Around Town
  • Around Home


Grade Level: Kindergarten


Practice addition, subtraction, time, graphing, and nonstandard measurement with the engaging books in this collection! Early learners will enjoy learning about math with these books which include practice problems, mathematical charts, and colorful diagrams. This collection was created to align with the Common Core and also uses STEM themes to teach children all about mathematical concepts and everyday topics.

Titles in this collection include:

  • A Mountain of Trash
  • Smile! A Trip to the Dentist
  • Shopping in the City
  • Let's Play
  • A Year in Our Lives
  • A Day in Our Lives
  • Main Street Animal Shelter
  • Our Favorites
  • After School
  • At School


Grade Level: 1st


Practice number patterns, measuring objects, measuring time, and more with this collection! Featuring many different topics and exciting mathematics terms, fourth-grade students will enjoy learning about math. Created to align with the Common Core State Standards, this collection features books with vibrant images and photographs, real-life application problems, diagrams, and mathematical charts.

Titles in this collection include:

  • Towns and Cities
  • Basketball Angles
  • The Winning Angle
  • All About Sharks
  • Ocean Layers
  • Patterns in Nature
  • Patterns Around Us
  • Amusement Parks
  • The Bread Book
  • The Bake Sale


Reading Level: 4th