Auditory Processing Abilities Test (APAT)

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  • Ages: 5 through 12-11
  • Testing Time: under 45 minutes
  • Administration: Individual
  • Norm-referenced

The APAT is a nationally-standardized auditory processing battery for identification of children who are at risk or may have Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). The test includes 10 subtests that quantify a child's performance in various areas of auditory processing. The APAT is designed primarily to be used by speech-language pathologists but may also be used by other professionals such as LD specialists, psychologists, and resource specialists. Subtests include Global Auditory Processing, Linguistic Processing, and Auditory Memory.

  • Measures ability in various areas of auditory processing
  • Subtests provide percentile ranks and scaled scores
  • Composites give standard scores

Kit includes: Examiner's Manual, 25 Test Booklets, and 25 Summary Sheets.


25 Summary Sheets Included in Complete Test Kit.