Apple Tree Curriculum for Developing Written Language

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The new Apple Tree Curriculum for Developing Written Language is a language system that provides a sequence of procedures for the construction and development of basic English sentence structures. Retaining the same time-tested teaching strategies as the original, its main thrust is to help the student develop written language skills.

Although this curriculum was designed for the hearing impaired, it is also appropriate for students learning English as a second language and those with specific language impairment.

Improvements in the new edition include redesigned workbooks and teacher's manual, updated illustrations, and fully integrated pre- and post-test materials included within the manual for convenience. The content of the curriculum has been revised to reflect the needs of diverse populations.

The Apple Tree Program:

  • Reinforces and builds on material previously introduced
  • Allows for development of vocabulary and related concepts
  • Uses small steps to ensure students' success and continuous learning

  • The result is improved self-image and the motivation to master more material.

    Age Level: Primary/Intermediate Grades

    Reading Level: Approximately 1-5 to 3-0

    Program includes Teacher's Manual.