Talkies® Teacher's Manual, First Edition

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The Talkies® Teacher's Manual details the theory and sequential steps to engage students and bring the nonverbal code of imagery to consciousness.

Talkies is the primer to the Visualizing and Verbalizing® program for students who need simpler, smaller steps of instruction to establish the imagery-language connection for language comprehension and expression.*

You will follow Chip, a shy, nonverbal six-year-old boy, through the sequential steps of the program with sample lessons, questioning techniques, and dialogue to help you respond to the response.

  • Lots of little steps within big steps
  • Sample lessons to illustrate receptive, expressive, and imagery practice
  • Step summaries
  • Ideal for individualized instruction

  • *Talkies is not intended to diagnose nor be an exclusive treatment for speech-language pathology and audiology disorders.

    CASE Endorsed.

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