Nanci Bell is Co-Founder and Director of Lindamood-Bell® Learning Processes, an organization dedicated to enhancing learning for all people.  A former elementary school teacher in California, Nanci is driven to help students of all ages and abilities learn to their potential.

After receiving her Masters in Reading from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1981, she became passionate about researching and developing programs to address reading, comprehension, and math skills.

Along with her colleague and friend Patricia Lindamood, she expanded Lindamood-Bell from one small learning clinic to a renowned, worldwide education company.

 In 1995, she developed Gander Publishing with the goal of producing innovative educational tools designed to transform instructional practice. An acclaimed author and speaker, Nanci has received numerous awards including the Professional Achievement Award from Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities in 2010 and the Distinguished Leader in Special Education Award from Education Update in 2013. When she is not working hard to make the world a better place, she works on a cattle ranch and rides horses.