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Looking for resources to support your instruction in developing the imagery-language connection for your students? Supplemental lesson packets feature high-imagery stories, vocabulary, Higher Order Thinking questions, and puzzles while offering a sneak peek at our Imagine That! Stories, V/V Workbooks and V/V Stories products.


Inspire Kindness!

This Imagine That! lesson packet features four stories about acts of kindness (written at a 2nd-4th grade level), a writing activity, and word search.


July/August Student Planner

Help students stay organized and engaged during the summer months with this July/August Student Planner! They can set goals, enjoy fun activities, and keep their imagery-language skills sharp by reading Imagine That! stories.


Soar Through Summer

Studies show that summer learning loss is real. To help prevent this loss, and to strengthen reading comprehension skills, we've created an engaging lesson packet, filled with 77 fun activities, to keep kids reading over summer.


Celebrate National Reading Month!

We've created some fun bookmarks that feature our favorite quotes about kindness. We hope they serve as a handy reminder to your students that kindness is transformative!

Trails Day Packet

Trails Day Packet

This fun packet includes six high-imagery and engaging stories, vocabulary practice, fun puzzles, and a drawing activity.


Visualizing and Verbalizing® Manual - Chapter 2 Sample

The Visualizing and Verbalizing® program develops concept imagery—the ability to create an imaged gestalt from language—as a basis for comprehension and critical thinking. Download our sample chapter to explore how the development of concept imagery improves reading and listening comprehension, memory, oral vocabulary, critical thinking, and writing.


Seeing Stars® Manual - Chapter 2 Sample

Download our sample chapter to explore how The Seeing Stars® program develops symbol imagery—the ability to visualize sounds and letters in words—as a basis for orthographic awareness, phonemic awareness, word attack, word recognition, spelling, and contextual reading fluency.


Talkies® Manual - Chapter 3 Sample

Dowload our sample chapter to explore how the Talkies® program is the primer to the Visualizing and Verbalizing program for students who need simpler, smaller steps of instruction to establish the imagery-language connection.


On Cloud Nine® Manual - Chapter 2 Sample

The On Cloud Nine® (OCN) program develops the ability to image and verbalize the concepts and processes of math. Download our sample chapter to explore how concept imagery and numeral imagery are integrated with language to improve both mathematical reasoning and mathematical computation.


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