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Taking Flight with Visualizing and Verbalizing

Taking Flight with Visualizing and Verbalizing

I have been working with a fourth grade student who is able to read and decode on level, but has very little comprehension of what is read. Behaviorally, my student has been unable to follow multi-step directions and closes down when asked about feelings of his own or others. 

Since beginning the (Visualizing & Verbalizing) program, my student has shown quick progress through the steps. He receives lessons once a day for 30 minutes, five days a week. After just 8 weeks my student is beginning Multiple Sentences. 

While his progress in the program is amazing, the true benefits are being seen throughout his school day. He can follow multi-step directions, write everyday about the events of the day and how he FEELS. My student is now making the leap to express how others might feel. His self expression and written expression of detail is truly taking off!

I am excited to see where he will be by the end of the school year!

- Tracey Moses, Paraprofessional, Orange Public Schools