Test of Visual-Motor Skills - Third Edition (TVMS-3)

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  • Ages: 3 through 90+
  • Testing Time: 30-45 minutes
  • Administration: Individual or Group
  • Norm-referenced

This brand-new revision of the TVMS assesses how well a person can coordinate visually guided fine-motor movements to copy a design while it is in sight. The TVMS-3 is used to determine whether there are any systematic distortions or gross inaccuracies in the copied design that could be the result of deficits in visual perception, motor planning, and/or execution. Analysis of the types of errors made provides a detailed evaluation of visual-motor skills. Results can be reported as standard scores, percentile ranks, or age equivalents. When used along with a test of visual perception, the tests can differentiate between a primarily visual-motor impairment and a perceptual difficulty.

Provides standard score, scaled score, percentile rank, and stanines.

Kit includes: Manual, 15 Test Booklets, and 15 Profile Forms.


A pack of 15 Record Forms for the Test of Visual-Motor Skills (TVMS-3).


A pack of 15 Test Booklets for the Test of Visual-Motor Skills (TVMS-3).