Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language - Third Edition (TACL-3) Profile/Examiner Record Booklets (25)

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  • Ages: 3-0 through 9-11
  • Testing Time: 15 to 25 minutes
  • Administration: Individual
  • Normed

  • The Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language-Third Edition (TACL-3) is a measure of receptive spoken vocabulary, grammar, and syntax.

  • Vocabulary: The literal and most common meanings of word classes such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, and of words that represent basic precepts and concepts.
  • Grammatical Morphemes: The meanings of grammatical morphemes such as prepositions, noun numbers and cases, verb numbers and tenses, noun-verb agreement, derivational suffixes, and the meanings of pronouns, tested within the context of a simple sentence.
  • Elaborated Phrases and Sentences: The understanding of syntactically-based word relations and elaborated phrase and sentence constructions, including the modalities of single and combined constructions (interrogative sentences, negative sentences, active and passive voices, direct and indirect objects), embedded sentences, and partially and conjoined sentences.

  • The examiner reads the stimulus aloud, and the subject is directed to point to the picture that he or she believes best represents the meaning of the word, phrase, or sentence spoken by the examiner. No oral response is required on subject's part.

    Provides percentiles, standard scores, and age equivalencies.