Feifer Assessment of Mathematics (FAM)

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Ages: 4 through 21

Testing Time: 35 minutes for PK; 50 minutes for K-Grade 2; 60 minutes for Grade 3+; 15 minutes for Screening Form

Administration: Individual

The FAM is a comprehensive assessment of mathematics designed to examine the underlying neurodevelopmental processes that support the acquisition of proficient math skills. It not only helps determine if an examinee has a math learning disability (MLD) but also identifies the specific subtype of dyscalculia, which better informs decisions about appropriate interventions. 
Features and benefits include:

  • Comprises 19 individual subtests measuring various aspects of math fact retrieval, numeric and spatial memory, perceptual estimation skills, linguistic math concepts, and core number sense development
  • Assists practitioners in not only determining the presence of a general MLD but also in determining the specific subtype of discalculia
  • Can be used in conjunction with more traditional achievement tests that measure overall math performance
  • Based on a neurological paradigm, which dictates that multiple neural pathways underscore various cognitive processes used in mathematical problem solving

Offers grade-based normative data. Yields three index scores representing each discalculia subtype as well as a Total index score that represents total test performance. Offers age and grade equivalents and percentiles for subtest scores, and confidence intervals, percentile ranks, z scores, and normal curve equivalents (NCEs) for index scores. Subtest and index scores are scaled to the familiar IQ metric. Standardized on a sample of 1,061 examinees in prekindergarten to college drawn from more than 30 states and based on 2013 U.S. Census statistics.

FAM Contents

  • FAM Professional Manual
  • 10 Examiner Record Forms
  • 10 Examinee Response Forms
  • Stimulus Book 1 and 2

Feifer Assessment of Mathematics (FAM) Examinee Response Forms, set of 10


Feifer Assessment of Mathematics (FAM) - Examiner Record Forms, set of 10


Feifer Assessment of Mathematics (FAM) Screening Form Kit is designed to identify children at risk for dyscalculia or an MLD within an RtI delivery system model.

  • Measures the underlying cognitive and quantitative processes that underscore the development of mathematical achievement in a manner that best informs decisions about appropriate interventions
  • Comprises three subtests (one from each index) selected as the best representation of each domain based on clinical research and statistical analysis
  • Yields a single index score that indicates risk for dyscalculia or an MLD
  • Intended to assist users in deciding whether the risk of dyscalculia or an MLD is high enough to warrant further assessment