V/V® Comprehension Workbook Sets Grades 2-6 Available


The V/V® Comprehension Workbooks have high-imagery stories and questions that help students develop concept imagery for language comprehension and critical thinking. Each story is accompanied by workbook activities.

Three books at each level follow the steps of V/V: Sentence by Sentence, Multiple Sentence, Whole Paragraph, and Paragraph by Paragraph. Most important, V/V Workbooks have carefully designed questions to develop imagery and higher order thinking.

Workbook activities include:

  • Imagery Questions
  • Picture Summary
  • Word Summary
  • Main Idea
  • Inference
  • Conclusion
  • Paragraph Writing

V/V Comprehension Workbooks usually feature 20 Sentence by Sentence stories in Book A, 10 Sentence by Sentence and 10 Multisentence stories in Book B, and 8 Multisentence, 8 Whole Paragraph, and 8 Paragraph by Paragraph stories in Book C. Workbooks are leveled for Grades 2 through 6. Two different sets are available for Grades 2 through 6.


Also available: The V/V Workbooks Tracking Chart, which allows you to track your student's progress through the stories and books. Pad of 30.