Imagine That! Giant Books Available in Grades 3-5

You must have these super-sized books for your classroom! The graded Giant Books provide high-imagery V/V® stories and lessons for group and classroom practice at the Sentence by Sentence through Paragraph by Paragraph steps.

Each Set includes two 11" x 17" Giant Books. One book moves through about 21 Sentence by Sentence stories, and the second book moves through about 25 Multisentence, Whole Paragraph, and Paragraph by Paragraph stories. The stories align with the steps of V/V. The set also includes a free Word-Imagery Index.

  • Teacher Prompts
  • Imagery Questions
  • Picture Summary
  • Word Summary
  • Questions for Main Idea, Inference, and Conclusion

Word-Imagery Index in each two-book set!

Each Imagine That! Giant Book Set includes the new Word-Imagery Index. Full-color illustrations help your students build imagery for the new vocabulary used in the stories. Perfect for students with low vocabulary or English Language Learners—or to accelerate the vocabulary of your general education students.

Also available: The Imagine That! Giant Books Tracking Chart, which allows you to track your student's progress through the stories and books. Pad of 30.