Imagine History: The Battle for America

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Book Length: 404 pgs.
Reading and Content Level: 5th Grade and up
Introducing our newest resource written to develop the imagery-language connection for comprehension. Our Imagine History curriculum applies the steps of Visualizing and Verbalizing for comprehensive coverage of American History.

Imagine History: The Battle for America covers 1500 BCE to 1865 CE, and includes the following Units:

Key Features:

Unit 1: Ancient Golden Empires
  • Chapter 1: Ancient Mesoamerica
  • Chapter 2: The Aztec Warriors
  • Chapter 3: Mighty Inca Empire
Unit 2: A Changing New World
  • Chapter 1: The Age of Exploration
  • Chapter 2: Claiming a New Land
  • Chapter 3: Revolt and Resist!
Unit 3: The Great Frontier
  • Chapter 1: From Sea to Shining Sea
  • Chapter 2: A New War
  • Chapter 3: The Golden State
Unit 4: Half Slave, Half Free
  • Chapter 1: Slave States and Free States
  • Chapter 2: The Fight for Freedom
  • Chapter 3: A Divided Nation
Unit 5: Brother Against Brother
  • Chapter 1: The Road to War
  • Chapter 2: Bloody Stalemate
  • Chapter 3: Fighting for Equality
  • Chapter 4: Turning the Tides
  • Chapter 5: A Bitter End
  • Uniquely written to help students visualize history for recall, comprehension, and critical thinking
  • Integration of all steps of V/V or can be presented as a stand-alone resource
  • Extensive vocabulary-building practices
  • Supports content standards of most states
  • Includes primary source materials
  • Includes geography, infographics, and timeline pieces

The imagery-language connection presented throughout the Imagine History series provides a missing instructional piece to help students at all grade levels fill in historical information gaps.