Imagine History

Grade 3: The Discovery of America, Grade 4: The Birth of America, Grade 5: The Battle for America, and Grade 5: The Rebuilding of America comprise the Imagine History bundle.

Reading and Content Level: Grades 3, 4, and 5
Introducing our newest resource written to develop the imagery-language connection for comprehension. Our Imagine History curriculum applies the steps of Visualizing and Verbalizing for comprehensive coverage of American History. The Discovery of America covers exploration, colonialism, Native Americans, and more. The Birth of America covers the Thirteen Colonies and other colonization, Native Americans, Revolutionary War, and building of the United States, including slavery. The Battle for America covers pre-Civil War period, slavery, the Civil War, westward expansion, Native Americans, and the Reconstruction.

  • Uniquely written to help students visualize history for recall, comprehension, and critical thinking
  • Integration of all steps of V/V or can be presented as a stand-alone resource
  • Extensive vocabulary-building practices
  • Supports content standards of most states
  • Includes primary source materials
  • Includes geography, infographics, and timeline pieces

The imagery-language connection presented throughout the Imagine History series provides a missing instructional piece to help students at all grade levels fill in historical information gaps.