Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Comprehensive

  • Ages: 4 through 85
  • Testing Time: 90 minutes to administer; 15 minutes to score
  • Administration: Individual

The AAB is a complete achievement assessment, offering both a comprehensive battery and a screening version for use with individuals throughout the life span.

Features and benefits:

  • Developed using academic standards set by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Teachers of English, Common Core, and Reading First
  • Straightforward and easy to administer and score
  • Requires no certification or intensive preparation
  • Provides age- and grade-based (Fall and Spring) norms
  • Scoring is available through PARiConnect; stimuli are available digitally
  • Provides composite-to-composite and subtest-to-subtest discrepancy scores and reliable score changes

Provides global and specific composite scores.

Kit includes: AAB Comprehensive Form Professional Manual, 25 Comprehensive Form Item Booklets, 25 Comprehensive Form Response Booklets, Stimulus Book 1, Stimulus Book 2, a Stimulus Card, 5 FREE Screening Form Item Booklets, and 5 FREE Screening Form Response Booklets, in a storage box.