Tom and Ricky Mystery Series

Tom and Ricky Mystery Series

Would you believe these are the same Tom and Ricky stories that teachers know and love? The best stories from this classic series have been selected and repackaged in new sets. Each story has been slightly revised to reflect current times, and the content has been leveled to an even more consistent first-grade reading level:

Set 1 Titles:

  • The Gold Mine Mystery
  • Tom and Ricky explore an old gold mine. But why are strange people there? Will the boys be able to escape?
  • The Falling Star Mystery
  • When Tom and Ricky see a falling star, they go to see where it landed, but someone else is looking for it, too, and wants the boys out of his way.
  • The Unlucky Number
  • Why is someone calling Ricky and saying, "The cherries are ripe"? Is this connected to some recently stolen items in town?
  • The Secret Staircase
  • When Tom and Ricky decide to help an old man, they learn about a treasure hidden in his house.
  • The Treasure Map Mystery
  • Tom and Ricky are excited to find an old treasure map, but soon realize that a strange man is also looking for it.
Set 2 Titles:

  • Mystery at Bear Lake
  • Tom and Ricky see a strange light from an empty house at Bear Lake and decide to check it out. But is someone following them?
  • A Voice in the Night
  • Everyone has strange dreams sometimes. But why are people all over town having the same strange dream night after night?
  • The Birthday Present
  • When Tom gets a brand new Go-Player from Uncle Jack, he thinks it's strange because he doesn't have an Uncle Jack.
  • The Haunted House Mystery
  • When Tom, Ricky, and their friend Ann visit an old house one more time before it's destroyed, they discover that someone, or something, is in the house.
  • Diamonds in the Sky
  • When Tom and Ricky decide to learn about airplanes, they end up taking the ride of their life.

Readability: First Grade

Recommended Ages: 9-14+