Test of Auditory Processing Skills - Third Edition (TAPS-3)

  • Ages: 4-0 to 18-11
  • Testing Time: 60 minutes
  • Administration: Individual
  • Norm-referenced

This is an untimed test that measures what a person does with what is heard, and is intended to be used along with other tests as part of a battery. There are nine subtests, including Word Discrimination, Phonological Segmentation, Phonological Blending, Numbers Forward, Numbers Reversed, Word Memory, Sentence Memory, Auditory Comprehension, and Auditory Reasoning. Individual subtest scores are combined to provide three cluster scores: Basic Auditory Skills, Auditory Memory, and Auditory Cohesion.

  • For speech-language pathologists, audiologists, school psychologists, and others
  • Matches closely U.S. Census demographics
  • Provides percentile ranks, standard scores, and age equivalents for overall score and cluster scores

Kit includes: Manual, 25 Test Booklets, and Auditory Figure-Ground CD-Rom.