Question Games

Question Games

These WH question games are a must-have for SLPs, parents, and teachers. Funny characters like Miss Muffet, Purple Murple, and the Three Bears appeal to young children and encourage spontaneous language. Reward and penalty spaces add surprises such as a lost turn or an extra roll. Types of questions include:

  • What Do You Do With . . . ? Stimulate language and thinking skills as players name at least one thing they could do with every item they land on.
  • Where Do You Find . . . ? Players brainstorm all the places they could find each object they land on.
  • How Do You . . . ? Elicit sequences as players describe how to do various activities: plant a garden, play soccer, and more.
  • What Are They Doing? Stimulate complex and compound sentence structures as players identify actions. (e.g., The boy is swinging while his dog is barking at him.)
  • When Do You . . . ? Students can practice asking and answering "when" questions while laughing at the crazy antics of the animals in this game.
  • Why Do You . . . ? Help kids learn to explain why. Why do you go to the doctor? Need a flashlight? Break an egg?
  • Where Is It? Teach prepositions such as under, in, on, over, through, and more.
  • Who Uses It and When Do They Use It? Talk about who might use the objects on the board and for what purposes. (e.g., Who uses scissors? "I do when I want to cut a picture out of a magazine." "My mother does when she wraps a gift.")

Ages: 4-8 or older

Kit includes: Laminated Board, Dice (one with up to three numerals, one with up to six dots), six Tokens, Manual, all nine question games.

***Question games also sold separately****

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.