Preschool Language Assessment Instrument - Second Edition (PLAI-2)

Preschool Language Assessment Instrument - Second Edition (PLAI-2)
  • Ages: 3-0 through 5-11
  • Testing Time: 30 minutes
  • Administration: Individual

The Preschool Language Assessment Instrument-Second Edition (PLAI-2) is a revision of a classic test, which assesses children's abilities to meet the demands of classroom discourse. Normed on a sample of 463 children residing in 16 states, PLAI-2 indicates how effectively a child integrates cognitive, linguistic and pragmatic components to deal with the full range of adult-child exchange. Teachers, speech-language clinicians, and those in special education will appreciate the ease-of-use and multi-faceted information this test provides.

Kit includes: Examiner's Manual, Picture Book, 25 Profile/Examiner Record Booklet–3 year olds, 25 Profile/Examiner Record Booklet–4/5 year olds, all in a sturdy storage box.