Postcards Series

These three sets of five books each follow a group of friends as they travel and learn about the world around them.

In the first set, Postcards from America, a multicultural group manages to encounter adventures while absorbing a quantity of historical and geographical facts as they travel across the United States.

  • Trouble in the Black Hills
  • Mount Rushmore and a rare old Indian pipe spark adventure.
  • White House Mystery
  • What happened in Lincoln's bedroom and who did Lisa bump into in the corridor?
  • High Time in New York
  • The Statue of Liberty can be scary in the middle of high winds.
  • Windy City Whirl
  • The O'Leary Inn - a great place to learn some history and to solve a mystery.
  • San Francisco Adventure
  • Thick fog and a sinking ship make for an unforgettable day.

Ages 9-16+

Reading Level: Grade 2