Catch a Star® Workbooks

By Nanci Bell

The Catch a Star® Workbooks are an exciting companion to the Seeing Stars program! These six workbooks help students grasp the meaning of the most commonly used words in English and develop sight word recognition and spelling skills.

Both concept and symbol imagery are stimulated while vocabulary is developed for the words students use most often in reading and writing. This is an excellent resource for all children, including those who are language delayed or learning English as a second language.

Each workbook moves students sequentially through 50 Star Words. Ivan the Cat narrates and adds his usual humor and fun.

  • 50 Star Words per workbook
  • Five sentences and one illustration help students visualize the meaning for each word
  • Each word is defined for the instructor, with multiple entries for multiple meanings
  • Students practice saying, tracing, finger-writing, and writing each word