Let's Explore Earth & Space Science

Teach students the foundations of earth and space science with these dynamic 10-book sets! Each book supports STEM Education and provides a hands-on "Let's Do Science" lab activity that is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. The easy-to-read informational text, vibrant images, and text features such as a glossary and an index, improve content-area literacy while keeping readers engaged from cover to cover.

These high-interest books cover important scientific topics such as:

  • seasons and types of weather
  • the importance of our sun, Earth's day and night cycles, and phases of the moon
  • bodies of water and features of land
  • pollution's effects, landfills, and how humans can help the Earth
  • using our five senses and scientific tools to make observations
  • and more!
10-book sets available for grades K-1, 2-3, and 4-5.