Receptive, Expressive, and Social Communication Assessment - Elementary (RESCA-E)

  • Ages: 5 through 12
  • Testing Time: 60 minutes or less
  • Administration: Individual
  • Norm-referenced

The RESCA-E was developed to provide essential information to professionals and parents about a child's receptive, expressive, and social communication language skills. It targets critical areas of language development which are often included in IEPs and treatment plans but are difficult or impossible to objectively measure with existing tests for elementary-age populations.

RESCA-E Core Components:

  • Receptive Core (three subtests)/li>
  • Expressive Core (three subtests)
  • Social Communication Core (three subtests)

Kit includes: Administration Manual, Technical Manual, Receptive Language Test Plates, Expressive Language and Social Communication Test Plates, 20 Record Forms, 20 Social Communication Inventories, 20 Picture Worksheets, Administration CD, and accessories, in a sturdy carry bag.