Primary Source Readers: World History

Primary Source Readers: World History

Three sets of books take you on a journey through world history, with pictures, fascinating stories about people and events, and detailed glossaries. Each set has 6 books.

Ancient Leaders

Make learning about the 20th Century fun and engaging with this jaw-dropping 6-book collection. Books in this collection help introduce students to historical figures and events of this time period and include a helpful glossary, index, and easy-to-read text that allow readers to further understand the material. Each book in this collection is guaranteed to have children fascinated from beginning to end!

First Civilizations

Pack your bags and grab your passport to travel around the world and discover ancient civilizations! From building the great pyramids to battling gladiators, this collection of books will have readers engaged from beginning to end.

From Medieval to Renaissance

Find out what life was like during the Middle Ages in England and how change and cultural rebirth came about during the Renaissance with this informative collection. From the Medieval times to the Renaissance era, readers will discover the many creative aspects that began in this time period.

Reading level: Grades 4-8