Color Coded Sentence Building Kit Set 1

Color Coded Sentence Building Kit Set 1
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These sets provide words on plastic tiles that can be arranged and rearranged to make over 100,000 different sentences. The color-coded tiles guide students in the correct positioning of words. The parts of speech will make more sense to students as they learn to place adjectives before nouns and move verbs around. Sentence-building activities can help students improve their language, reading, writing and spelling skills.

The complete kit of 420 tiles consists of Sets 1 and 2, each containing 210 plastic tiles divided into 7 sets of 30 tiles each. The words supplied relate to themes of people, animals, transportation, sports, weather, geography, flowers, fish, food and pets.

  • Sets 1 and 2 form over 100,000 sentences
  • Contains 210 plastic tiles in each set
  • Color-coding helps students place words