Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude - Fourth Edition (DTLA-4)

Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude - Fourth Edition (DTLA-4)

Ages: 6 through 17

Testing Time: 40 minutes – 2 hours

Administration: Individual

The DTLA-4 is the oldest and most venerable of the tests of specific mental abilities. The test includes 10 subtests. The results of the subtests can be combined to form 16 composites that measure both general intelligence and discrete ability areas. The test permits interpretation in terms of current theories of intellect and important behavioral domains. The DTLA-4 is the test of choice for professionals interested in a thorough investigation of a person’s cognitive functions. This test not only measures basic abilities, but also shows the effects of language, attention, and motor abilities on test performance.

DTLA-4 Subtests

The following subtests are contained in the DTLA-4:

  • Word Opposites
  • Design Sequences
  • Sentence Imitation
  • Reversed Letters
  • Story Construction
  • Design Reproduction
  • Basic Information
  • Symbolic Relations
  • Word Sequences
  • Story Sequences

DTLA-4 Contents

The complete DTLA-4 Kit includes the following components, all in a sturdy storage box:

  • Examiner’s Manual
  • Picture Book 1 for Design Sequences, Design Reproduction, and Symbolic Relations
  • Picture Book 2 for Story Sequences and Story Construction
  • 25 Profile/Summary Forms
  • 25 Examiner's Record Booklets
  • 25 Response Forms
  • Story Sequence Chips
  • Design Sequence Cubes

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.